National Science Foundation Grant Submission Process

The steps below outline the process for working with Georgia Tech's OSP to prepare and submit an NSF grant proposal.

  1. Review the NSF Grant Proposal Guide (GPG) for specific instructions for each section of the proposal.  Contact your contracting officer with any questions.
  2. Review the proposal solicitation for any requirements that differ from or extend the Grant Proposal Guide. Unless stated otherwise, the proposal should strictly adhere to the guide.
  3. Begin work on your Fastlane proposal as early as possible. Inform your contracting officer of your intent to submit, and provide the solicitation number and the deadline.
  4. Prepare the cover sheet. Fill in as much information as possible, especially with regard to program selection, program announcement, and any Co-Principal Investigators (if applicable). Note: If a program announcement is entered incorrectly, the proposal will be routed to the wrong division in NSF and it will take time to track that proposal in NSF Fastlane system. If you are not submitting a proposal to a specific program, enter 15-1 for the program selection.
  5. Save your proposal as a template prior to submission. Use this template for any later revision to save time and energy on data entry and to ensure consistency throughout the project proposal.
  6. Review the Georgia Tech Reference Sheet* to create your proposal files and assure compliance with the Grant Proposal Guide. 
  7. Upload the following proposal files:
    • Project Summary
    • Project Description
    • References
    • Biosketches (for all senior personnel)
    • Budget and Budget Justification
    • Current and Pending Support Forms (for all senior personnel)
    • Facilities, Equipment, and Other Resources
    • Mentoring Plan for Postdocs (where applicable)
    • Data Management Plan
    • Supplementary Documents (where applicable)
    • Single-Copy Documents (where applicable)
  8. From the “Prepare Proposal” screen, run the “Check” function to identify any errors that will prevent submission.  If so, address them. Then, use the NSF Proposal Review Sheet* to ensure that you have complied with all requirements. Finally, “Allow SRO Access.” You should allow SRO Access at least two business days before the deadline in order to receive a thorough review by your contracting officer prior to submission.  OSP cannot guarantee a proper review if access is granted any less than two business days before the due date.