Reports of Inventions to the Federal Government

Most contracts between GTRC and the federal government contain Clause 52.227-11 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) which sets forth the procedure for reporting inventions to the federal government. Clause 52.227-12, which has more stringent reporting requirements, may be used. The OSP Contracting Officer should alert the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) when Clause 52.227-12 is used.


The Report of Inventions and Subcontracts Form, DD Form 882, must be used when reporting inventions to the Department of Defense (DoD). Other agencies may require other forms in lieu of or in addition to the DD 882. (Note: All inventions should be reported, whether or not the inventor considers them patentable.) The FAR requires Georgia Tech to report inventions to the federal agency within two (2) months of receiving a written invention disclosure. It also requires Georgia Tech, within specified time limits, to elect title to the invention and to file U.S. and foreign patents to protect elected inventions.


The prompt written disclosure of an invention is crucial to protecting the interests of Georgia Tech and the inventors. Project Directors/Principal Investigators (PD/PIs) are responsible for reporting inventions to OTL. However, there are three safeguards to assure that inventions are reported in a timely manner. The initiation package includes reporting requirements for any technology developed under the project; the OSP Contracting Officer will annually forward a Patent Questionnaire to the PD/PI; and the Contracting Specialist for Contract Closeout will also forward a Patent Questionnaire at the closeout of the project. The PD/PI should promptly document any possible inventions on an Invention Disclosure and submit it to OTL. Invention Disclosure forms are available from OTL.